Life in Our Church School

What it means to be a Church School

As a Church school, Christian values and beliefs are at the heart of our vision and provide the foundation for everything we do.  Our vision reflects the Church of England`s Vision for Education to enhance young lives through the development of wisdom, hope, community and dignity.

Through our strong Christian ethos and positive relationships, we `know, nurture and inspire` our students to become the best version of themselves, the people that God created them to be. Whilst we share the same drive for academic rigour and excellence as every other school, this takes place within the wider framework of our living faith which also prioritises the personal and spiritual development of our young people.

We believe that school is a place where students can encounter God and develop the wisdom, knowledge and skills that will enable them to flourish, fulfil their potential and live `life in all its fullness` (John 10: 10). By exploring and engaging with Christian virtues our students develop the personal qualities they need to make a difference in their wider communities through their compassion, wise action, respect and sense of responsibility.

Best Version of Ourselves

The curriculum and wider life of Bishops' is driven by a set of principles that, together, articulate the vision we have for our students.


By nurturing these qualities in our students throughout their journey at Bishops’, we believe that they become the kind of people who not only succeed on their academic journey but also on their personal and spiritual journeyssecure in their own beliefs and values and capable of making a positive impact in the world. The commitment we give to this work resulted in our school being designated as `Outstanding` for Personal Development during our most recent Ofsted inspection 

“Pupils learn about the importance of respecting the differences that exist between
them and their peers. They show respect for each other and their teachers.” Ofsted 2019