Social Action

At Bishops’, we strive to develop an awareness amongst our students of injustice and inequality in the world and provide a range of opportunities for them to make a positive difference through exercising wise action and a sense of social responsibility.

This spirit of social action begins in Year 7 when all students take part in the Archbishop of York Award, an award that involves making a difference in local communities through voluntary service.

We encourage all students to engage in social action and voluntary service throughout their seven-year journey at Bishops’ as a practical expression of Christian love. Each year, students vote for their Year group charities and support these through awareness and fundraising activities on our termly Social Action Days.

Examples of charities that we have supported in the last year are:

  • Year 7 – Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Year 8 – West Cheshire Foodbank
  • Year 9 – Young Minds
  • Year 10 – World Wildlife Fund
  • Year 11 – Cancer Research
  • 6th Form – MacMillan Nurses
  • Whole-School – Save the Children
  • Whole-School – Save the Family

Student leadership groups such as our Social Action, Anti-Bullying and Diversity Groups also enable and empower our students to go beyond a feeling of sympathy for others and become actual agents of change in their own school community and the wider world.