GCSE 2021 Results

GCSE students at the Bishops’ Blue Coat Church of England High School in Chester are once again smiling!  Parents and staff are also full of smiles as this remarkable group look to the future with hard won and well-deserved results.


Resilience, determination and strength epitomise this cohort.  This has been the most difficult of academic years yet the doors to post-16 study at our Sixth form or further training or college courses are wide open.

Miss French, Head of Year 11 said, “I could not be prouder of the achievements of our Year 11 students. The tenacity they have shown whilst rising to the academic challenges of their GCSE journeys shows what successful people they are and will continue to be. They have made themselves, their families and their school very proud, I am so excited for the futures that lay ahead for them.”

The school is well known for great results and a strong focus on support and mutual respect. Many are celebrating personal achievements, including:

Emily Bromley attaining grade 9s across all subjects in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German, History, Psychology and RS.

Molly McCullagh attaining nine grade 9s in English language and English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, History, RS and one grade 8 in German.

Benjamin Jones attaining four grade 9s in English Language, Mathematics, Computer Science and History and five grade 8s in English Literature, French, Combined Science and RS.

Megan Slatcher attaining six grade 9s in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, French, History, the equivalent of a grade 8 in music (Distinction*2), grade 8 in English Literature and grade 7s in Physics and RS.

Anya Smith attaining six grade 9s in English Language, Biology, History, Drama, Psychology, RS, and four grade 8s in English Literature, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Jay Elms attaining 3 grade 9s in mathematics, German and physics, two grades the equivalent of grade 9s in Engineering and Sports Studies, three grade 8s in English Language, Biology and Chemistry and two grade 7s in English Literature and RS.

Amy Sasaki-Fletcher attaining four grade 9s, in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, and French, five grade 8s English Literature, Biology, Physics, History and Art & Design and one grade 7 in RS.

Lizzie Gray attaining five grade 9s in English Language, Geography, Combined Science and Food & Nutrition, three grade 8s in Mathematics, History and RS and one grade 7 in English Literature.

Resilience, Stamina and Talent



Headteacher, Ian Wilson, recognised the unique partnership between parents, students and staff “In a year like no other, Bishops’ students have once again shown their resilience, stamina and talent. These entirely justified results reflect how hard students have worked, they should be immensely proud of what they have achieved. They are an absolute credit to themselves, their families and our school.”

“Welcomed, encouraged and cared for, students achieve beyond their expectation and in excess of national averages” SIAMs (Church School Inspection).  Those making exceptional progress over time included:

Ellen McGuigan who achieved four grade 9s, one grade 8, one grade 7 and three grade 6s in English Language, English Literature, German, History, RS, Psychology, Mathematics and Combined Science, respectively.

Denis Komarovs who achieved one grade 9, one Distinction*2, three grade 8s, five grade 7s and one grade 6 in Mathematics, Engineering, Biology, German, Russian, English Literature, Chemistry, Physics, History, RS and English Language, respectively.

Jamie Moore who achieved one grade 9, one Distinction*2, two grade 8s, one grade 7-6 and three grade 6s in geography, computer science, RS, Engineering, Combined Science, English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, respectively.

Anna Welland who achieved one grade 9, two Distinction*2, one grade 9-8, two grade 8s and two grade 6s and one grade 6 in German, Combined Science, Engineering, ICT, Mathematics, RS, English Language and English Literature, respectively.

Felicity Hodgson who achieved two grade 9s, five grade 8s and two grade 7s in English language, History, English Literature, Combined Science, Art & Design, RS, Mathematics and German, respectively.

Aleksander Novak who achieved five grade 7s, one grade 6-5, one grade 6, and one grade 5 in English language, Geography, German, History, RS, Combined Science, English Literature and Mathematics, respectively.

A-Level 2021 Results

A Cause for Celebration!

Sixth Form students at The Bishops’ Blue Coat Church of England High School in Chester had real cause for celebration today after receiving the fantastic results of their A Level and Level 3 studies.

This year’s results demonstrate just how well students have been prepared for further education, employment or training.  Students and parents have been determined and resilient to overcome the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic – leading to the University of Oxford, Leeds, Nottingham and Warwick or national degree level apprenticeship providers.

This year, the school’s top attaining student was Johanna Sealey who attained A*’s in Literature, History, Psychology and Criminology and leaves us to study Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford.

Holly Gibson gained straight A*s Mathematics, History and Psychology and will be reading Psychology at the University of Leeds in September.

Samuel Crossan gained A*’s in both Product Design and Mathematics as well as an A in Chemistry and will study Chemical Engineering at The University of Leeds.

Maks Wojciechowski attained A* grades in Literature, Polish and German as well as two A grades in History and Psychology and will study Law at the University of Nottingham.

Head Boy Rafael Wood and Sebastian Lews-Jones amassed a stunning 3 A* and 3 A grades between them and will both explore travel and volunteering opportunities next year ahead of applying to university in 2022.


Head Girl Libbie Churms gained A’s in both Literature and Film Studies and an A* in Criminology and will study Psychology with Linguistics at the University of Warwick.

Students who made significantly more progress since their GCSE results than might be expected nationally included Ella Smith (Distinction, Distinction, A) who will study Nutrition and Health at Edge Hill University and Naomi Reading (Distinction *, Distinction *, A) who leaves us to begin a career in Child Nursing at Liverpool John Moore’s University.

Students following a range of diverse pathways this year as they move on from Bishops’ include Nic Jones (Distinction *, Distinction *, A) who leaves for Leeds as a degree level apprentice, Alexi Reade (A*, AAA) who will study Architecture at Lancaster University and Annalise Knight (Distinction *, A*, A*) who leaves us to read History and Politics at the University of York.

Head of Sixth Form Stephen Moffatt said: “I am so extremely proud of this year group who despite all the challenges faced have secured a truly outstanding set of outcomes. They thoroughly deserve their success following two years of extremely hard work and commitment, as well as the relentless positivity and resilience they have shown. Whilst we are clearly delighted with their academic achievements we are just as proud of the individuals they have become.

Students have been a pleasure to support since they started with us and leave us full to the brim with the wisdom, knowledge and skills, as well as the hope and aspiration, to make such a positive impact wherever their next steps take them. They have encapsulated our #BEStofBishops ethos in their time with us and I wish them every success for their futures.

Today once again proves that the 20+ different study programmes and enrichment courses we offer at Bishops’ can open the door for students to progress to the full range of further education and employment opportunities available nationally”.

Headteacher, Ian Wilson, recognised the unique partnership between parents, students and staff this year “The joy and celebration today is wonderful.  Students, parents, and staff have had to remain positive, determined and focused to reap the benefits of hard work.  Well done to the Bishops’ community for the smiles and future plans we have seen take shape today.”

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