Results and Performance

A Level Results

A Level successes down to hard work, resilience and dedication

Year 13 students at the Bishops’ Blue Coat Church of England High School have much to celebrate following their A Level results! These young people have worked consistently and with determination rising to the challenges of a ‘return to normal’ exams post Covid, reflecting 2019 course requirements, working hand in hand with their teachers to learn, prepare and sit their first set of external exams.

“I am incredibly proud of all that our Year 13 cohort has achieved and I am delighted with their individual achievements which represent the hard work, dedication, and resilience they have shown throughout their sixth form journey and will enable them to go on to access a broad range of post 18 destinations.” Mr Owen, Head of 6th Form

Our students have developed skills for examination success alongside subject-specific knowledge. We are very pleased that 55.7% of our A Level grades were at A*-B and over half of our Level 3 BTEC students received a Distinction* or Distinction grade.

There have been outstanding achievements across the board, including Emily Bromiley, Molly McCullagh, Jay Elms, and Jack Wilkinson who achieved a suite of A* and A grades.  Our students are moving forward into varied and exciting destinations including Durham University, University of York and Chester University and Degree Apprenticeships through Manchester Metropolitan University.

Performance Data
16-18 Performance Data

78%  of our students achieved A* - C, well above the national average of 75.4%!

“I am overjoyed for them.  As a cohort they have shown such strength of character and togetherness and in times of unpredictability and uncertainty have been supported by strong relationships with staff.” Miss Cairns, Headteacher

GCSE Results 2023

Secondary Performance Data

Positivity and teamwork are key ingredients for success

Results this year showed that students at Bishops’ have exceeded national averages. Our Year 11s have outshone themselves with over 80% of students awarded grades 4 or above almost 2 of grades standing at a strong pass and with a positive value added across the EBacc subjects.  Over three quarters of our Year 11s attained a standard pass in both English and Mathematics. Year 10 students are also celebrating early GCSE success in Religious Studies with a quarter of students gaining grade 7 or above.  Headteacher Helen Cairns shared her pride today,  

“This year group continue to shine brightly. They impressed us with their outstanding Religious Studies GCSE results achieved at the end of year 10 and they have continued to exceed expectations with results this year.  Their results hold a special significance as we celebrate the triumph of overcoming the adversities brought by the ‘return to normal’ examinations following the pandemic.” 

Year 11’s determination and hard work has brought them to this point and I have no doubt that these qualities will guide them towards even greater achievements in the future. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Miss Sadler, Year Leader

BESt of Bishops'

Examples of Excellence

Alex Keen attained seven grade 9s, one distinction*2 (equivalent of a grade 9) and two grade 8s in: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, German, Religious Studies, Engineering Design, English Language and English Literature, respectively.  

Zack Brautigam attained seven grade 9s, one distinction*2 (equivalent of a grade 9) and two grade 8s in: English Language, English Literature, Biology, Physics, French, History, Religious Studies, Music Practice, Mathematics and Chemistry, respectively. 

Riley Bedford attained six grade 9s, one distinction*2 (equivalent of a grade 9) and three grade 8s in: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, German, Religious Studies, Engineering Design, English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, respectively. 

Esther Davies attained five grade 9s, three grade 8s, one grade 7 and one grade 6 in: Biology, Chemistry, French, Food and Nutrition, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, English Literature and English Language, respectively. 

Amelia Stevens attained two grade 9s, six grade 8s, one grade 7 and one grade 6 in: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, French, History, Biology and English Literature, respectively. 

Annabelle Ardern attained three grade 9s, one distinction*2 (equivalent of a grade 9), four grade 8s and two grade sevens in: French, History, Religious Studies, Music Practice, English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology, respectively. 

There were many other extremely high attaining pupils; we are equally proud of them all. 

Performance Data

Exceptional progress

Grace Crerand achieving a grade 9 in Food and Nutrition, a grade 8-8 in Combined Science, two grade 8s in Mathematics and Psychology, two grade 7s in German and Religious Education and two grade 6s in English Language and English Literature.  

Hannah Boyles achieving one distinction*2 (equivalent of a grade 9), one grade 8 in English Language, one grade 8-7 in Combined Science, four grade 7s in Mathematics, Geography, Psychology and Religious Studies and one grade six in English Literature. 

Mohammed Alater achieving one grade 9 in Arabic, one grade 6-6 in Combined Science, two grade 6s in English Literature and German, one grade 5 in Religious Studies, two grade 4s in English Language and Mathematics, one D1 (equivalent of a 3) in ICT and one M2 (equivalent of a 6 – 7) in Business and Enterprise. 

Lola Murray achieving one grade 9 in Religious Studies, one grade 7 in French , one distinction 2 (equivalent of a grade 7) in Engineering Design, one grade 6-6 in Combined Science, two grade 6s in English Language and English Literature and two grade 5s in Mathematics and Geography. 

Shomus Koko achieving two grade 7s in English Literature and Religious Studies, one distinction 2(equivalent of a grade 7) in Business Enterprise three grade 6s in English Language, Geography and Food and Nutrition, one grade 6-5 in Combined Science and one grade 4 in Mathematics.  

“In their celebration service in June, I congratulated them on their resilience, ambition and personal determination to succeed.  Today we celebrate their personal and collective efforts and look forward to welcoming a record number of them back to complete their seven year journey in our successful 6th form.” Miss Cairns, Headteacher.

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