Dignity and Respect

The dignity of our students and our staff is rooted in Christian teaching. We are all loved by God as unique individuals created `in his image` and God intends for each of us to flourish and live life `in all its fullness`. These beliefs underpin our policies and practices as well as our ethos, resulting in the overwhelming majority of our students behaving well and enjoying exceptionally positive relationships with each other and their teachers. Daily life at Bishops’ is characterised by the care, consideration and respect that results from following Jesus` Second Great commandment to `love your neighbour as you love yourself`. When conflicts arise, as they inevitably do, we deal with them in a way that affirms the dignity and respect of all members of the community; students are provided with opportunities to seek forgiveness, second chances are given, and attempts are always made to restore harmonious relationships. Students at Bishops’ feel listened to and supported to flourish within an environment of care, encouragement and hope.

Our Culture of Dignity and Respect

At Bishops’, we encourage our students not only to tolerate and respect difference and diversity but to actively embrace and celebrate it. The diversity of our own student body is a genuine source of strength that our school community rejoices in. The culture of dignity and respect that we nurture and encourage enables all of our community to feel safe, protected and valued as the people that God created us to be. Our open and tolerant ethos also successfully prevents the kinds of prejudicial behaviour that might be found elsewhere. When instances of such behaviour and language, or indeed bullying of any kind, occur these are immediately challenged and dealt with swiftly through our highly effective pastoral and behaviour systems.




“Pupils learn about the importance of respecting the differences that exist between
them and their peers. They show respect for each other and their teachers.” Ofsted 2019