Religious Education at Bishops'

In line with our school vision, we believe that RE is essential in helping young people to flourish and “live life in all its fullness” (John 10:10). Through their RE lessons, we nurture our school`s core values in our students, including a sense of dignity and respect for people of all faiths or none.

Through our diocesan-based programmes of study and GCSE and A-Level syllabi, we build a vibrant, relevant and inspiring curriculum for students across all key stages. This enables us to both remain true to our school`s Christian identity whilst supporting our students for life in a religiously diverse world.

The deep, reflective quality of our students’ work, as well as their excellent results in external qualifications, all indicate that RE makes a significant contribution to the outworking of our school vision which is centred around enabling young people to become the best version of themselves, academically, personally and spiritually.

Students have opportunities to explore and engage in meaningful and informed dialogue with a wide range of religions and worldviews, including secular worldviews and this exploration supports their appreciation of British values and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

RE lessons from KS3 to KS5 also provide a vital and safe place for students at Bishops’ to explore their own religious, spiritual and philosophical views, and our team of talented specialist teachers are adept at supporting our young people in their spiritual development.

RE Curriculum Intent

RE Curriculum Intent

RE GCSE Text Books