The Governors are responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction and for holding the Headteacher and senior staff to account for the school’s performance. This includes overseeing progress against the School Improvement Plan, agreeing the school’s budget and setting policies.

The Governors have an agreed long-term role and governing strategy, which are closely linked to the school’s vision.

Long-term role:

  • The governors are clear that, as a Church of England school, Bishops’ is a Christian community that embraces all Christians, members of other faiths and those of no faith.
  • The governors ensure that students are given every opportunity to develop their academic and personal potential through a seven year journey; that achievements are celebrated; and that students are safeguarded.
  • The governors ensure that Bishops’ has a strong sense of its community of students, parents and staff, and that it is well connected to the wider community and the Diocesan Board of Education.
  • The governors ensure that Bishops’ sound financial position, and its site and buildings, support the school’s aspirations.
  • The governors support the wellbeing and professional development of staff.
  • The governors continue to explore the benefits of external opportunities, for example, forming a MAT.


Governing strategy:

  • The governors will support and challenge the school’s leaders to ensure strong leadership.
  • The governors will support the school to fulfil the expectations of SIAMS and Ofsted.
  • The governing body will remain dynamic and effective through training and through engagement with the whole school community and the Diocesan Board of Education.
  • The governors will support ways of increasing the school’s income and ensure that investment continues into educational developments and the site and buildings.
  • The governors will recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of staff.

What Governors Do

Governors are volunteers who make a positive contribution to the school by giving both their skills and time. They attend around 11 Full Governing Body and Committee meetings each year. Governors also regularly visit the school for other purposes, such as taking part in staff interviews, attending student events and productions, and attending open days. There are Lead Governors for particular school priorities who hold regular meetings with staff and report back to the rest of the governors.

All Governors complete an induction process and take part in ongoing training to ensure they are well equipped for their role. Governors are subject to safeguarding checks and govern in line with a code of conduct and the Department for Education’s Governance Handbook.

The 2019 Ofsted report noted that at Bishops’ “Governors bring a range of skills and knowledge to their roles. They support and challenge leaders well.”