Art Craft and Design

The creative industry is the fastest growing area in business this decade. It’s the perfect time to engage with creativity and tap into a massive range of potential career opportunities. Through choosing one of these courses, students will grow as confident, working artists. Students will not only scaffold learning with practical skills and techniques in a productive environment, but will also learn how to present thoughts and information clearly and confidently, a skill which is advantageous in any job.


Coursework is completed throughout the course and involves working with digital cameras and graphic editing apps including Adobe Photoshop to produce photographic imagery. Through research and analysis students will work in a sketchbook to gain valuable insight into how photographers and artists work. From their research students will develop their own ideas and produce a personal response to their studies.

Throughout the course students will be taught to experiment with composition, studio lighting, cameras and editing. As part of the course, students are expected to take photographs in a variety of settings, including open-air locations that will link to your research, analysis and artists. You may be instructed to search out suitable settings/locations for photographs outside of school in your own time. Organised trips to varied locations will be a part of the course allowing for further personal development and experimentation.