This course provides an excellent basis for further study of ICT and is a definite pathway to our L3 BTEC in IT which we offer in Year 12 and 13. It also provides a firm foundation for many other courses such as Media/Film Studies and Business Studies. The course has a strong emphasis on creativity and ideas and inspiration is a must, but also engages with the  technical elements of applications which can be useful in further study (in any field) or in employment.


Computer Science

Students choosing this course must be working towards a Grade 7 in Mathematics.

GCSE Computer Science will introduce you to what goes on behind the scenes, enabling you to understand how the computer actually works when a program is running. GCSE Computer Science is excellent preparation for a Level 3 Computing /ICT course or an ICT Apprenticeships and there is a growing demand for ICT professionals who have programming skills. To enjoy this course, you should be a confident mathematician (target grade of 7-9) who enjoys problem solving and has an enquiring mind-set.

Computer Systems and Programming: Here you will look at how data input into a computer is handled and processed as well as Binary number systems and logic gates. Students will also explore the different types of memory and how it works and examine input, output and storage devices in a computer system.