This course combines the best of both Engineering and GCSE Design and Technology it is appropriate for students who have a keen interest in the engineering sector and wish to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of working with tools, materials and engineering drawing through hands-on experiences. Students must be motivated to apply themselves to project based work which requires a personal commitment to independent work and challenge.

This qualification is designed for students with an interest in engineering and design. It will be delivered through a series of manageable units (see assessment units 1 – 4) which will be mainly practical based. This does not mean that it is solely based within a workshop context. On the contrary, all projects require portfolio evidence which will contain a mixture of written work, drawings and photographic evidence. The 4 assessment units will focus on the following:

  • Develop an understanding of the engineering sector through a personal study.
  • Research a new idea.
  • Use engineering tools and equipment to acquire practical and technical skills.
  • Understand and perform a range of techniques and processes using selected materials incorporating a significant core of knowledge and theoretical content.
  • Develop an understanding how drawing is applied in engineering together with systems of measurement, scale and proportion.
  • Develop high-end industry standard CAD/CAM skills.