History is about people – ‘real people’ – the lives of whom were altered by the events of the world around them. We see the impacts of change on different people throughout history. Imagine knowing that a nuclear weapon could destroy your world at any moment, that secret police could take you away from everything you care about, that you could not afford to go to see the doctor, or that the new rulers of your country were changing the very language that you spoke. Whatever the lives of people were about, there is a fascinating and sometimes tragic story behind each and every one of them.

Our history lessons challenge students on many issues throughout history, and at the same time requires them to think independently and critically about the world around them. Students will have the opportunity to study a variety of sources and interpretations, and they will become skilled in the understanding of historical problems where interpretations often differ. Many professions demand the skills developed in History. Former History students have gone on to careers in law, accountancy, business management, the police, retail training schemes, journalism and broadcasting.