Our Vision

The Bishops' Blue Coat Church of England High School is an exciting place to be.

We know, nurture and inspire our community to be the best version of themselves through a better understanding of the Christian faith and a rich set of opportunities that support and challenge our learners so they are equipped to succeed.

Through their engagement in society at Bishops’ and beyond, students make a positive difference through their wise action and a sense of responsibility.

Our students’ initiative, drive and resilience will
enable them to flourish and live ‘life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10).

Our Mission

  • We are a Christian, non-selective and inclusive 11-18 academy
  • We are small enough to know everybody, whilst being able to offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities that develop talents and abilities to the full
  • We aim to maintain long-term financial and environmental sustainability and be a positive force in the community
  • We support students to achieve exam results of which they and their families are proud and in turn prepare students for their chosen next steps
  • We strive for excellence

What does ‘Known Nurtured Inspired’
mean to our school community?


Our students are known. Together with our staff, students take a learning journey through school and also a spiritual journey to be known by God and to know themselves.

Together as a community we know and demonstrate Christian values of compassion, courage, creativity and hope.


Our students are nurtured. Through a challenging curriculum, all students are encouraged to develop the best of their talents.

Our pastoral programme nurtures young people to succeed and gain the best academic and destination outcomes possible.


Our students are inspired. Our expert staff deliver learning experiences both in and out the classroom that will light fires of passion in students.

Through challenge and mentoring, excellent facilities and a wide range of opportunities to learn, students are in turn inspired and equipped to achieve and excel.