At Bishops’ we believe that every meal should be a memorable, delicious and enable students to be refuelled ready for the classroom.

We have a dedicated catering team who make, bake and deliver delicious and varied food every day. Our canteen is open to all students daily from 8am offering a variety of breakfast options for students to start their day with. Break time is from 10.50 – 11.05am and students can purchase hot or cold snacks from our Canteen (KS3), Bistro (KS4) or Huddle (Sixth Form).

At lunch time students have a choice of catering venue, and can choose from hot meals, deli options, fresh salads, sandwiches, panni’s and more. We also bake an array of cookies and cakes as well as offering a selection of fresh fruits, fruit pots, and yogurt.

Variety is the spice of life, and at Bishops’ we have that covered. Our menu follows a two-week cycle, ensuring a constant stream of new and exciting flavours. We’re committed to using the healthiest and freshest ingredients, whilst ensuring families get value for money.

We’ve got more than just meals covered. We have a wide selection of school-compliant drinks, ensuring children stay refreshed throughout the day. Plus, we encourage students to bring their own water bottles and make use of our convenient water fountains available in the school canteen and all around the school.

Cashless Catering

We are a cash free school. Our cashless system lets you top up your child’s account online or your child can top-up in school. We use School Gateway for all our school payments (including school trips). Students receive a school pin on their first day in school and are ready to go. It is a parents/carers responsibility to ensure their child can purchase food in our dining spaces.

Packed Lunches

Children are welcome to bring their own packed lunches, and these can be eaten along with their friends purchasing hot food in our dedicated catering spaces. We are a nut free school, and we would ask families to not bring in food containing nuts.

Free School Meals

Students eligible for Free School Meals are entitled to spend £1 during our breakfast service and then £2.80 at lunchtime. Unspent money does not carry over to the next day and families will need to top-up lunch accounts if they go overdrawn. We have several meal deals with a variety of options for £2.80 to help students stick to their daily budget. To find out if you are eligible to receive free school meals visit:

Catering Menu Price List

‘The best thing we can do is enjoy eating, drinking, and working. I believe these are God’s gifts to us’ Ecclesiastes 2:24