The School Day

Students are able to access school from 8.25am and must go to their designated Year bubble spaces. Our school day begins at 8.40am promptly and divided into five teaching periods except on Tuesday when the school day finishes after period 4 (14.15pm). There is a five minute allowance for movement following our one-way system and preparation between lessons, so that teaching can begin promptly. The  school bell rings to indicate each section of the day as follows:

Bell Timings

08.40 Move to form promptly
08.45 Form register
09.10 Move to Lesson 1
09.15 Lesson 1 register
10.10 Move to Lesson 2
10.15 Lesson 2 register
11.10 Break
11.25 Move to Lesson 3 promptly
11.30 Lesson 3 register
12.30 Lunch break
13.15 Move to Lesson 4 promptly
13.20 Lesson 4 register
14.15 Move to Lesson 5*
14.20 Lesson 5 register
15.15 End of lessons


*End of the teaching day on Tuesdays only​​​​​​​

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