When you join Bishops’ Sixth Form, you benefit from the enrichment and support programme that we offer all our students.  The next two years of study are vital in ensuring that you are in the best possible position from which to begin the rest of your life.

We know that your A Levels provide the high academic standards you require to enter further study or employment.  We also aim to inspire you and provide opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills beyond your courses, skills that universities and employers want to see in applications.  Together, these two elements of your learning prepare you for a career through gaining experiences of leadership, initiative, resilience and communication in a context other than your A Level courses


“Students in the sixth form benefit from a wide range of opportunities to develop their leadership skills and prepare them for the future.” Ofsted 2019

What we offer

The enrichment programme is delivered through Tutor Time, ULAS, Personal Development and in additional sessions when required. In recent years the enrichment programme included some of the following activities. The programme develops according to the needs of our students.

  • Almost 50% of students elect to complete their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. This nationally recognised qualification demonstrates dedication, resilience and the ability to work in a team.
  • An increasing number of our students complete peer support electives and act as positive role models to younger students by offering support in both reading and numeracy and enabling our students to acquire skills in leadership, communication and teaching.
  • All students our Quality in Careers accreditation and complete elective volunteering or work experience placements in order to enhance their experiences and develop employ ability skills.

Educational Travel:

Our Sixth Form provides opportunities for educational travel and to have the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Students spent two weeks in Uganda. The culmination of a year of fundraising with activities inside and outside of school. Students volunteered with a Ugandan charity established to support children with additional educational needs.
  • Students have also visited New York, Sorrento and Iceland.

There is a strong community and charity focus within our Sixth Form and lots of opportunities to get involved.