The Governing Body is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school and holding the Headteacher and Senior Leadership to account. This includes overseeing progress against the School Development Plan, agreeing the school’s budget and setting the school’s policies.

Governors are volunteers, committed to the success of all students at the school. Governors are appointed in a variety of ways:

  • Appointed by the Diocesan Bishop (1 Governor)
  • Appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (6 Governors)
  • Appointed by the Chester Blue Coat Church of England Education Foundation (5 Governors)
  • Parent Governors, elected by parents of students of the school (2 Governors)
  • Staff Governors, elected by staff (2 Governors)
  • The Headteacher, who is an ex-officio Governor
Memorandum of Articles and Association List of Governors and Register of Interests

The full governing body meets four times each year, and there are also Committees which oversee particular areas of the school's work:


  • – Ensure an ambitious curriculum is in place
  • – Monitor and evaluate progress and achievement
  • – Oversight of SEND and provision for vulnerable children
  • – Monitor and evaluate safeguarding provision
  • – Monitor and evaluate behaviour and attendance
  • – Responsibility for advising the Governing Body on admissions
  • – Have oversight of the ethos of the school

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  •  – Monitor and evaluate the annual budget and three year financial plan
  •  – Ensure value for money
  •  – Oversight of staffing, appraisals and pay
  •  – Oversight of site maintenance and development
  • –  Oversight of health and safety

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  •  – Monitor and evaluate the external audit programme
  •  – Monitor and evaluate the internal audit programme
  •  – Oversee financial systems and controls

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In addition to their formal meetings, Governors have regular contact with the school so that they are up to date on all aspects of school life. There are seven Lead Governors for specific school priorities who meet regularly with staff and report back to the rest of the Governing Body. All Governors attend training to ensure they are well equipped for their role.

To contact the governors, email (please note this e-mail address is checked in term time only).

You can also write to the Chair of Governors at the school postal address. Prior to contacting the governors with a complaint please consult the school’s Complaints Policy to ensure the appropriate process has been followed to resolve the issue within school.

Scheme of Delegation Attendance at Meetings