Theatre Studies

Students will study in an academic setting. They will interrogate this art form, applying their knowledge and understanding to the process of creating and developing drama and theatre, as well as in their own performance work. Students will explore a number of different plays and styles of theatre as well as devise an original piece of theatre. LAMDA examinations are also offered as part of enrichment. 

Where can this course lead?

An A Level in Theatre Studies can open doors into multiple jobs in the creative industries. A qualification in Theatre Studies allows potential employers/ universities to see that you are academic as well as creative and are able to present ideas with confidence.

What do students think? 

  • “A level Theatre Studies is my favourite lesson, without a doubt. There is so much detail and thought in every lesson. You are always learning something new. I have a new passion for theatre and I have definitely become a better performer because of this course.” 
  • “It is fun and very engaging.” 
  • “Theatre Studies has allowed me to grow in confidence since joining Bishops’ from another school. I have constant support from my teachers.” 
  • “Theatre Studies lets me express my passion and helps build my confidence.” 

Who could be teaching me?

  • Mr Otton has over 12 years’ experience in teaching and examining A Level Theatre Studies
  • Mr Clarkson has over 19 years experience teaching A Level Theatre Studies and is the Assistant Headteacher.

Student Destinations

In previous years we have had students go on to explore careers in Acting, Directing, Stage Management, Teaching, Interior Design, Television writing, Playwriting, Law, Graphic Design amongst others. 


Entry Requirements

Grade 6 Drama

and/or Grade 6 English Language


Exam Board - OCR


60{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} performance and coursework

40{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} exam


100{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Year 13

Average Class Size