Religious Studies

Our course ensures students have a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical, ethical and religious viewpoints. Religious Studies is a thought-provoking subject covering contemporary themes which will help you engage in wider discussion. Topics such as free will and moral responsibility, evil and suffering, arguments for the existence of God, religious, gender and sexuality and pluralism cover a vast array of content to engage students with deep debate which will equip them for future study and work.

Former Students

This version of A Level Religious Studies is a new course for 2021. Previous students who have completed the earlier specification have gone on to study a wide variety of courses:

  • Emma is studying Geography at Liverpool University
  • Noah graduated from the University of Chester with a degree in International Tourism and Management.

Who could be teaching me?

Miss Fletcher has 13 years’ experience of teaching A Level Religious Studies as well as being an examiner for the Philosophy and Ethics paper for 7 years.

Dr Kay has been teaching A Level RS for 20 years and considers it to be one of the most important subjects for the 21st century.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Religious Studies

Grade 6 in English Language


Exam Board - AQA


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Average Class Size