Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour and you will learn to appreciate that there are often
multiple explanations for why people behave the way they do. Psychology appeals to a cross-section of students, regardless of whether they have studied the subject before. It builds on skills developed in the sciences and humanities. Students learn how to analyse arguments and evidence, test hypotheses and make informed judgements. 

Where can this course lead?

Students with an A Level in Psychology typically go on to work in a diverse variety of fields to include police, physiotherapy and nursing, as well as more specialised psychology careers, such as clinical and education psychology.

What do students think? 

  • “It’s really interesting because we do a variety of activities to support our learning and we cover a range of different topics that give us a better understanding of ours and others’ behaviour within society.” 
  • “I chose psychology because I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick and I’m curious to learn more about particular aspects of the subject e.g. attachment during the early years and mental health issues.”  

Who could be teaching me?

Ms Adams has over 28 years’ experience in teaching A Level Psychology and has been an examiner for AQA

Student Destinations

  • Emily T is studying Psychology at University of Leeds. 
  • Emily B is now studying Psychology at the University of Leeds. 

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Psychology

or Grade 6 in either English or Science


Exam Board - AQA


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Average Class Size