The study of History provides students with the ability to analyse complex concepts and problems, to make judgements on cause and consequence and to learn the skills of accurate and effective communication. History is a challenging academic subject that opens doors to many career paths. As a facilitating subject, History is a desirable option for anyone considering studying at a Russell Group University. 

Where can this course lead?

Students with an A Level in History can go on to work in almost any area. History helps to develop the transferrable skills that can be used in management positions. It often leads to careers in Law, Accountancy, Business Management, the Police, Retail, the Armed Forces, Journalism, and Broadcasting. One famous historian became President of the USA!

What do students think? 

  • “History has been challenging but I have enjoyed it the most out of all my subjects.” 
  • “I feel prepared for university and I am looking forward to continuing my studies in History.” 
  • “I wanted to say a big thanks for teaching me, as hard as Sixth Form was I genuinely loved learning History… I got an A overall… it all just came together at the perfect time!” 

Who could be teaching me?

Mr Hodgeman, Mrs Fitzgibbon and Mr Hardman have over 20 years’ experience combined in teaching History. They have attended numerous OCR training days on the delivery and marking of the course. Mrs Fitzgibbon has also marked for OCR.

Student Destinations

  • Kieran is now studying History at the University of Sheffield. 
  • Andrea is studying History of Art at The University of Nottingham. 


Entry Requirements

Grade 6 History


Exam Board - OCR


80{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Exam

20{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Coursework


100{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Year 13

Average Class Size

10 -15