We live in a multilingual global society and languages are undeniably all around us, whether at work, on holiday or just casually in day-to-day life. This course is ideal for you if you wish to improve your communication skills, your understanding of grammar and to develop your linguistic ability making you more employable as employers seek people with a language qualification. This course also aids appreciation of other cultures and undoubtedly broadens horizons. 

Where can this course lead?

Students with an A Level in German go onto a wide range of careers outside the expected such as translation, including business, travel and tourism, and engineering.

In our ever changing European landscape the ability to rely on English is reducing and the importance of German as a major European trading language is growing.

German is a good complimentary subject for other areas such as engineering or science.

What do students think? 

  • “I really enjoy focusing on studying topics in the context of Germany and Austria. I find the cultural aspect really interesting.” 
  • “The support from the teachers is excellent – it really helps me to improve.” 



Who could be teaching me?

Mr Owen and Mrs Robinson are both experienced A Level teachers. We also have a FLA (Foreign language Assistant) who provides one-to-one speaking lessons for 30 minutes every week.

Student Destinations

  • Suzy is studying German and French at the University of Leeds. 

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in German


Exam Board - Edexcel

Assessment - 100{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Exam

When? 100{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Year 13

Average Class Size