A Level Geography covers both the physical and human environments, and the complex interaction of processes that
shape our world. Studying Geography will allow you to understand processes and landscapes that others take for granted. The broad nature of the course means you will always find something that interests you, and the skills you learn are widely applicable as you move onto further study. 

Where can this course lead?

Every year students who take A Level Geography apply to study Geography and Geography-related degrees at university and higher education level.

In the past few years Geography has been used as a facilitating subject by students successfully applying to study in areas as diverse as Law, Business and Physiotherapy, as well as those accepted onto apprenticeships.

What do students think? 

  • “Many universities and employers are attracted to the skills that Geography equips students with, so it makes you more employable and attractive to them.” 
  • “Always something interesting to study.” 
  • “I really enjoyed Geography at Bishops’ and it’s helped me to get into a great university.” 
  • “The teachers were great!” 

Who could be teaching me?

  • Mr Bennett has a wealth of experience at A Level Geography with over 25 years successfully preparing students for examinations.
  • Miss Thursby has over 8 years of experience in teaching A Level Geography in addition to her BSc has a Masters degree in Education.

Student Destinations

  • Abbie is studying Urban Planning at The University of Sheffield. 
  • Lucie is currently studying Geography at the University of Liverpool. 


Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Geography


Exam Board - OCR


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20{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Coursework


100{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Year 13

Average Clase Size