Further Maths

Further Maths is excellent preparation for any degree course with a mathematical bias such as Natural Sciences, Engineering or
Finance and Accountancy. It is highly recommended if you are thinking of a Maths Degree or applying to a prestigious university. Further Maths allows you to study all three applied maths modules – Statistics, Mechanics and Decision. The Decision Maths modules introduce many of the algorithms used as the basis of computer coding for a wide variety of real life applications. 


Where can this course lead?

Maths and Further Maths are very versatile qualifications which help facilitate other subjects, as well as being well respected by employers.  Maths and Further Maths enables students to think logically and analytically.

Further Maths is designed to stretch and challenge our mathematics students. giving them the opportunity to add depth to their studies.

What do students think? 

  • “Further maths gives a fantastic insight into real world applications of Maths, particularly Decision Maths.” 
  • “Further maths is a great way to see how different sections of Maths are linked and multiple possibilities in which problems can be solved.” 


Who could be teaching me?

Further Maths A Level is usually taught by either Mr Close or Mrs Davies who both have a breadth of experience teaching the extended topics.

Student Destinations

  • Will went on to study Mathematics at Durham University. 
  • Rupert went to study Engineering at Cambridge University. 

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 Mathematics


Exam Board - Edexcel


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Average Class Size