This is an exciting new course in its second year at The Bishops’ Sixth Form. Do you want to find out why people commit crime?

Then criminology is the subject for you. You will investigate the causes of crime; the impact crime has on society and examine why people turn to crime. You will also explore the criminal justice system and how effective it is in dealing with crime in the 21st Century.

Where can this course lead?

Students with a Diploma in Criminology could typically go onto study, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Sociology or Psychology at University.

This could lead to a career path in the police, criminal justice system, social working, or mental health nursing for example.

What do students think?

  • “I’m really excited to be studying Criminology, it looks really interesting and I think will compliment my other options I want to study like Psychology and Health & Social Care.”
  • “Criminology is a unique and enjoyable subject that gives insight into both practical and theoretical approaches to tackling crime. It fits perfectly alongside subjects such as Psychology and its a great option.”

Entry Requirements

Grade 4 in English Language


Exam Board - WJEC


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Average Class Size