Year 7 - 11 at Bishops’

It is a privilege to witness our students’ seven year journey at Bishops’. In the time they join us in Year 7 to when they leave ready and prepared for the wider world in Year 13 so much will have happened and each will have grown so much as individuals.

We take delight in the close relationships, which develop between students, staff, parents, carers and the local community and value the uniqueness of each child and consider the school as a place where they can encounter God. Together as a community we know and demonstrate Christian values of compassion, courage, creativity and hope. These values are embedded in everything we do at Bishops’.

Helen Cairns Deputy Headteacher

Our School chaplain

Rev. Paul North has been in post since 2010 and oversees the worship aspect of the school life. Rev. North supports the RE curriculum and the personal development programme for students alongside his main role to supporting the Christian Ethos of the school. His role involves supporting all members of the school community, students and staff, those with a faith and those without. Rev. North is very experienced in working in the school environment and is a listening ear for anyone who needs it.

He will also happily pray for you, or with you, should you require. As you might expect Rev. North organises our collective acts of worship, our strong links with the local churches and our own services including those at Easter, Christmas and communions. Rev. North also organises our prayer spaces where interactive prayer stations are set up for students and staff to engage with prayer in creative and thoughtful ways. These are set up in our dedicated prayer space room. This room is always available for prayer and reflection and also home to weekly Christian groups including prayer groups, Christian Union groups and Bible Studies.

You can contact Rev. North on