English Literature

This exciting new course is now on its second year and offers a relevant and engaging approach to studying Literature. You will experience a rich and challenging range of literature, including poetry, Shakespearean tragedy, classic fiction, modern classics, and also study the culture and history behind them. Studying Literature enables you to think critically and perceptively and argue convincingly. The coursework component gives you the opportunity to pursue your own areas of interest, honing study skills, critical theory and investigation.

Where can this course lead?

Students with an A Level in English Literature typically go on to work in a diverse variety of fields including journalism, law, teaching, publishing, marketing, public relations, editing, copy-writing, and even working within social media.

What do students think?

  • “Books have been a great constant in my life and reading has always been a love of mine. Taking English Literature for A Level would be like getting a qualification for doing something I love!”

Who could be teaching me?

Mr Robinson and Mrs McManus are vastly experienced in teaching A Level. Mrs McManus and Mr Robinson both also work as AQA examiners.

Former Students:

  • Johanna is now studying Theology and Philosophy at Oxford University
  • Maks is studying law at Nottingham University

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English Literature and Language


Exam Board - AQA


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20{6359e73990f04aa16fa28af782049e43ba3970eb71e7742b3151d58c2df49591} Coursework


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Average Class Size