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Safer Schools and Young People Partnership

Hello my name is PC 3984 Helen Roberts and I have been a Police Officer now for very nearly 20 years. I have a wealth of experience working in a variety of different roles during my career, which has enabled me to widen my knowledge and to effectively undertake my current role; which is Police Youth Engagement Officer.

I cover the Chester Area within Cheshire Constabulary and I will be the Police Officer that will be attending at your Son/Daughters High School.

My department has recently been rebranded under the “Safer Schools and Young People Partnership”  and I want to take this opportunity to explain to you as Parents what our role is about and what we offer to our High Schools in Cheshire.

Under the “SSYP” there are several police officers, like me based around the County and we aim to reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour and crime, both by and against young people. We focus on early intervention and prevention, and my aim is to work with all Chester High Schools, Staff and other Local Agencies to:

  1. Reduce victimisation, criminality and anti-social behaviour within the School and Community
  2. Work with Schools on whole-School approaches to behaviour and discipline
  3. Identify and work with children and young people at risk of becoming victims of offenders
  4. Support vulnerable children and young people through periods of transition, such as the move from Primary to Secondary School
  5. Create a safer environment for children to learn in

Safer School Partnerships encourage the Police, Children and young people to build a good relationship with trust and mutual respect. My aim is to work closely with all High Schools, Staff and its Pupils in order to support them within the School and local community.

I am also keen on working towards developing close relationships with many other agencies in an attempt to promote positive relationships between the Schools and The Police Service.

All of Cheshire Police’s Youth Engagement Officers are experienced Officers and although our role has many facets the main focus is delivering talks and interactive sessions within the designated Schools.

This is based on the national curriculum PSHE and Citizenship lessons and is in an attempt to provide the Pupils with the confidence and knowledge needed to never become victims or offenders of crime.

Kind Regards


PC 3984 Helen Roberts
Youth Engagement Officer – Chester High Schools 


Student Careers: Unifrog

In keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance  and tailored support  when choosing their next step after school, we will now be using Unifrog; an award winning online careers platform. Students will be given access to this platform in personal development days throughout the year. More information will be shared with parents and carers by Mr Hardman our Careers Information Advice and Guidance Leader in due course.


Languages Week at Bishops'

As part of the celebrations of European Day of Languages which takes place every year on the 26th September, the MFL faculty at Bishops’ are running some extra activities and competitions. We wish to promote the importance of lifelong language learning and to celebrate the linguistic diversity we have in our school and our community. Did you know that there are 23 officially recognised languages in Europe and more than 60 if you include the regional and minority languages? Did you know that students at Bishops’ speak more than 15 different languages?

During the week there will be tutor group quizzes, in language lessons teachers will give students the opportunity to take part in a Spelling Bee competition, enter a poster competition or watch a foreign film at lunchtime. Tutors and languages teachers will award BESt points for great effort and great thinking skills!

Enjoy! Amusez-vous!

Bishops' PE Clubs


When do I need my PE kit?

We are excited to have students coming back to school and back to PE. It has become even more apparent just how important keeping children physically active is, not only for their physical health and development but also their mental and social health.

Students will return to PE with the same format as earlier in the year, with some practical lessons, in their full PE kit and others classroom based, with an option to take part in a physical activity in their uniform, should weather permit. The limitations on practical PE are based on only one class per period using the changing rooms (boys and girls), to observe COVID regulations and assist with cleaning requirements and capabilities.

Please note a change on return, where all students will now be required to wear their face coverings inside the changing rooms, in line with the Government guidance and school’s protocol. Those students identified as exempt from wearing face coverings will not be required to do so.

Please make sure that students are aware of when to bring their full PE kit and as always, should there be any issues relating to kit then please communicate this through a note, brought to lesson by the student or via school email to either myself or direct to the class teacher.

All sports equipment used in lessons is separated and sanitised for future use, with the sharing of equipment appropriately limited and there is also an emphasis on all students to manage their own personal health by sanitising on entry and exit from changing rooms , as well as avoiding touching their face during lessons. Additional sanitising is available during lessons, should students feel the need to do so.

If you require any further information or the department can support in any other way, then please contact me via school email.

Mr Mitchell

Head of PE


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The annual Christmas Tree Festival is happening again this year at Chester Cathedral. Alongside 50 other fantastic Christmas tree's we have our very own this year #december1st #advent

Dec 01


Tonight's youth club at St. Luke's Church is cancelled due to staff inset at Bishops'

Nov 29


To bring hope to people in Chester who may be struggling financially this Christmas, and to put Jesus` teaching of `love for neighbour` into practice, Y8 are collecting donations for @WestCheshireFB. All years can support this good cause too - just drop any contributions in C129

Nov 26