Exams & Key Information

Up to date regulations relating to exams, coursework, non-exam assessments, social media etc. can be found on the JCQ website by clicking on the button below

JCQ Exam Information for Candidates

Exam Checklist - for students

  • Students must arrive to the Bistro 15 minutes prior to an examination. 9am for a morning exam, 1pm for an afternoon exam
  • When taking exams, bags and coats should be left in lockers/form room (speak to form tutor).
  • Allow time to go to the toilet before the exam, do not wait until you get to the exam room
  • Notes, Electronic devices and watches – Students must not have any revision notes, mobile phones, headphones, MP3 etc or any watches in their possession (either on or off). This is very important – if a phone or watch is found it could result in your exam disqualification, they must not be taken into the exam room.
  • Students must bring a black pen, calculator (with any data stored deleted) pencil, rubber and any other stationery which is required for your exam. Only clear pencil cases are allowed. Gel pens cannot be used for an exam – many exam papers are scanned and sent electronically for marking.
  • Listen to the instructions given by the exams staff, don’t complete any information or start looking through question booklets until advised to do so
  • Do not talk or communicate in any way with other students after entering the exam room. If you have a question raise your hand once seated and an invigilator will come to you.
  • Students sitting KS4 examination must wear school uniform, Students are advised to dress sensibly for an exam. The temperature in the exam room can fluctuate during the May/June time.
  • No food is allowed in the exam hall (if a student has a special requirement – please see Mrs Ellams, Exams Officer, before the exams).
  • Water bottles are allowed in the exam hall. These should be clear bottles with no writing (this includes embossed brand name etc) and there should be no label on the bottle.
  • External exams are not run according to the school timetable/lesson times. Do not be late for an exam due to an assumption that it will start at period 1 or 4.
  • Check if your exam is due to finish after the end of the school day (allow 15 min leeway) and make alternative arrangements to get home if needed.
Bishops’ Malpractice Procedure

Exams and Results Collection

GCSE Results Day is Tuesday 25th August 2022 Image

GCSE Results Day is Tuesday 25th August 2022

GCSE Results Day is Tuesday 25th August 2022 Image

Time and location when Year 11 students are able to collect their GCSE results will be confirmed nearer the time.

On the day key members of staff will be available to discuss next steps.

A Level Results Day is Thursday 18th August 2022  Image

A Level Results Day is Thursday 18th August 2022

A Level Results Day is Thursday 18th August 2022  Image

Students will be able to collect their results from the Sixth Form Social Area, timings for the day will be confirmed nearer the time.

Alternative methods of results collection - upon request only

Upon request to the exams officer exam@bishopschester.co.uk results can be emailed to the address we hold on our computer for school communications – any other email address cannot be used. We must receive this request before 3pm on Friday 31st July. For information, results are not emailed until after midday on results day and we are not able to guarantee an exact time for the message to be sent.

If you prefer the results to be posted please send a letter to the exams officer (Mrs M Ellams), asking for the results to be posted and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Alternately a friend or relative can collect the results on the student’s behalf if we receive a letter from the student or an email from the address we hold on our school communications system giving us authority to do so and naming the person. The person collecting will need to bring in photo identification.

We do not give results out over the telephone and cannot accept authority from students (for collection etc.) from their personal e mail address or by text/Facebook etc.

Please contact the school if you need further assistance.

Collection of A Level and GCSE Certificates

Certificates for GCE/GCSE will be available in school during the autumn term, and students will be able to collect these. It is important that students arrange for their certificates to be collected if they are unable to do so by giving written permission for the individual collecting the certificates on their behalf. The nominated individual will need to bring photo ID with them to collect the certificates.

Students should note that it is their responsibility to check that they have received all of their certificates and that all the grades showing are correct. This is particularly important for those who have had units or subjects remarked. If a student has any queries regarding their certificates, they should contact the Exams Office immediately.